Buzzzed creams and lotions are made with homegrown organic Calendula tea and aloe vera juice, organic oils, homegrown organic beeswax and honey (non-certified), essential oils, and preserved with potassium sorbate and sodium benzoate (salts of fruit acids) to soften and protect your hands, face and body.  It’s all baby safe too. Balms consist of organic oils blended with our beeswax, vitamin E and essential oils, resulting in rich, smooth hydration that your rough spots will soak up gratefully. Soaps are made with organic oils saponified with lye and scented with essential oils for a pure, healthy clean that you can wash your hair with too. Our revolutionary toothpaste is based on virgin organic coconut oil with a soft abrasive and essential oils for a clean mouth like you’ve never experienced. Quality organic ingredients, no fillers or junk, small batch, handmade with care.  Always.