So you’re wondering: Why should I use a product like Buzzz Honey Products… be it Hemp n’ Honey Skin Cream or Calendula Lotion or whichever. Why indeed…?
The short answer is: because its waayy good! Well great, you say, but why is it waayy good and what’s so special??

1. BHP only uses organic oils, namely certified organic, cold pressed, unrefined hempseed oil and certified organic, cold pressed, unrefined sunflower oil. These are both very well absorbed oils, full of antioxidants and are the primary ingredients to pretty much all our skin care line.

2. Calendula. This little flower is a healing powerhouse of antiinflammatory compounds and is indicated for so many skin issues such as eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, rashes and burns of many origins. Its even used for pain relief; this is in evidence when applied to a bug bite and the discomfort vanishes in a few seconds!

3. Beeswax. This product, produced by our little friends, is an amazing protectant of our dry skin, whether in a cream, lotion or balm. While it is not absorbed, it protects the cuticle and fills in the cracks, like putty, so that the precious oils that we’ve just applied stay in the right place and don’t escape! It does not clog pores, unlike petroleum products such as vaseline or mineral oil. We need to think in terms of FEEDING our skin- would you ingest petroleum products (have a glass of 10W30!)? What we put on the outside winds up on the inside to a certain extent, so we need to not be applying stuff we wouldn’t eat!

4. Honey. Another product from our little friends… Humectant, meaning it draws in moisture. Honey has amazing healing properties- antimicrobial, supports cellular growth in its presence.
Those bees… they have all the tricks!

5. Things we don’t want. Parabens, phenoxyethanol, silicones and related such as dimethicone, and a whole lot of other stuff we also don’t eat. BHP products are preserved with potassium sorbate (sorbic acid) and sodium benzoate (benzoic acid). These are salts of fruit acids and whether they are are derived from fruit or synthesized, are uncomplicated molecules and don’t last forever. Our products are meant to be used, not sit on a shelf and look pretty. If you leave them for too long they’ll go bad, like food. I don’t eat Twinkies because they don’t go bad. That’s just wrong, and it means they aren’t really food! Same idea…

Carrying on with the food analogy… When you put together a whole bunch of really good ingredients in the right combination, you don’t need magic to make a really good product, be it food or skin care. So it goes with BHP: just good stuff, no fairy dust and the resulting happy skin! So let your epidermis show- we’ll make it showable!!

Buzzz Honey began with two hives at Chesterfield Farm with sisters Jill and Kathleen Davies, and has quickly expanded into 10+ hives producing honey and related products, such as skin creams. The bees are kept according to organic practices and forage in clean unspoiled gardens, fields and forests, bringing in a wide variety of pollens and nectars to produce the fragrant honeys. Each harvest has a unique taste and colour according to the flower origins and season.